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Macro Photography Info

Today's miniaturization, in both the technological and the medical areanas, has created products that are extremely small, yet quite elaborate, and are certainly capable of incrediable things. Macro photography involves shooting such small items with great magnification - bringing out detail that can't be seen with the naked eye.

Jim Hildreth's macro equipment takes him well beyond the 1:1 image size ratio of traditional macro lenses, stretching into the realm of 5:1 image size ratios - where a single grain of rice can fill the 5000 pixel frame.

As this is done without being attached to a microscope, he can shoot from any vantage point, and have much greater flexibility for backgrounds. These capabilities, plus his special purposed lighting equipment, allow him to make creative and beautiful images, even of oh-so tiny products.

Finally, his studio's state-of-the-art equipment and new processes enable him to get amazing depth-of-field - the bane of traditional extreme closeup work. So, if you want to see the detail, he can bring it all in focus.