Jim Hildreth Photographer

©2018 Jim Hildreth

The Studio

From the reserved parking spaces in front of the studio, to the full kitchen inside, one can immediately sense that Jim Hildreth's studio is a comfortable and productive place to work.

His photographic equipment includes two medium format Leaf digital backs (on view cameras), plus 35mm Canon equipment. The cameras can be used simutaneously in seperate shooting bays when a higher volume of images is desired.

His specialized Photomacrography equipment takes him into the realm of subjects (3mm, 1/4") that have detail too small to see with the naked eye - while reaching previously unattainable depths of field. He also has unique lighting equipment that enables creative lighting of these miniature products (as in the spot light in the above image).

Two on-site retouching suites allows for concurrent photoshop work. This setup is a great productivity booster. The color corrections, retouching, outlines, and drop shadows, can all occur while the product's in-hand and under the supervision of the client who's overseeing the shoot.